What I offer

As human beings, we can all struggle at times. We face challenges, adversity and suffering at various times throughout our lives. Yet every one of us has the power to overcome these challenges and thrive. When exploring if counselling is something you feel would help, it is important that you find someone who you can relate to and who you can trust.

People who have gone through or are going through complex distressing difficulties need a safe person who they can trust to be able to talk about their struggles. I offer:

  • a very open and honest space to discuss your needs
  • a relaxed environment where we work at your pace
  • a client led service where we talk about what you feel needs to be discussed
  • trustworthiness with an ethical and moral commitment to confidentiality
  • a free initial confidential 30-minute session so that you can see how it feels to talk to me.

I believe that counselling is a partnership between counsellor and client and I understand how this partnership works from both sides. I have struggled with difficulties that I found hard to find a way out. While I had supportive friends and family I needed the objectivity and experience of a specialised counsellor. I have been a client and so I know that working with a counsellor enables you to focus on your needs with a friendly presence alongside you. It allows you to examine your behaviour and experiences and identify ways of moving forward without the pressure of having to be ‘better than’ or ‘different to’ who you are.

Some clients are afraid to explore strong emotions that they may have harboured for a long time. They fear that if they allow them to emerge that they will run out of control. As a counsellor I would provide empathy and honesty and I will not judge you.

This does not mean that you will not be challenged, sometimes we need to examine our difficulties from a different perspective, not necessarily to adopt that perspective but to see the situation more clearly. Through my experience, I have developed the skills, knowledge and emotional strength to support you as you explore very powerful emotions in a safe place. This will help you develop a greater understanding of your experiences and your behaviour with a view to approaching things in a way that benefits you.

My clients never fail to amaze me. I am in awe of the capacity of the human beings I meet to not only to continue in the face of adversity and suffering but to move beyond it and thrive. I feel deeply privileged when I can be part of that process in someone’s life.

If you want to come and talk to me for a free 30-minute session, please feel free to call and arrange one with absolutely no obligation.

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